Kebek 3 Motel - Old Orchard Beach

Old Orchard Beach, Maine - Kebek 3 Motel
How it all Began
by Suzanne Beaulieu

The KebeK 3 Motel was started by the Beaulieu Family. The Beaulieu's originated from Sillery, Québec. Like many other Canadians, Old Orchard Beach was a favorite vacation getaway for the Beaulieu's.

Kebek 3 Motel and Old Orchard Beach HistoryDuring a 1966 vacation in Old Orchard Beach, my parents and my seven brothers and sisters were walking the beach. My father saw a small hotel for sale on the beach. They went in to meet the owner who took a liking to our family. It wasn't long before a $500.00 down payment began the KebeK Motel family tradition. That was the start of many subsequent building purchases.

In 1967, my parents and the eight of us started the motel business. In 1969, KebeK 1 was opened after my parents bought an old house and demolished it to build the first motel. Two years later, on a nearby oceanfront lot KebeK 2 was built utilizing the same plan. For the next eleven years many families visited the KebeK 1 and 2, beginning many Old Orchard Beach vacation traditions.

In 1978, the oceanside section of KebeK 3 was built, then finished in 1979 with the completion of the suites section. Most of the Beaulieu children worked in the business during our summer vacations from school. It was a good way for my father to keep us busy and to provide summer employment.

My brother and his wife bought KebeK 1 from my father, and sold it ten years later. My sister and her husband bought KebeK 2 in 1984 and still own and operate it today. In 1990, my husband Marc and I purchased the KebeK 3 Motel.

We are proud to have our daughter, Danielle, and son, Philippe, join us in running the motel. Together, Danielle and Philippe have plans to continue the family tradition at Kebek 3 Motel for generations to come.

Pierre & Marguerite Beaulieu, founders of Kebek Motel

Old Orchard Beach, Maine History


KebeK 3 Motel
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